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About Us

Miriam Shoham LTD was established in 1984 by Miriam and Menachem Shoham.

The company primarily started as a family agriculture farm. It has since grown into a multifaceted organisation-which now has developed its systems and controls in all areas of its supply chain. This allows complete traceability and meticulous controls to be implemented to ensure both its product quality and logistical services are maintained at all times to its customers.

Shoham product supplies the following product categories below:

Mango - July to September | Pomegranates - August to February | Orri Mandarin - January to May.


Shoham invests continually in its Research and Development plan to meet the needs of its customers. It continues to integrate closely with its marketing networks and strives to provide a stable operational platform to allow it to develop its offer into premium markets.

Our goal is to directly reach the final end product consumers of our supply chain, to allow us to collate insight data and gain a clearer understanding of the evolving global marketplace we are supplying. This in turn allows our end clients the opportunity to identify new target product segments and product ranges and it allows Shoham to maintain its existing customer base and to develop new business opportunities. Shoham offers its clients the ability to personalize the formats of packaging used and we have the expertise and equipment to select the fruit grades as per your specification and we can also offer added value services to meet you needs.

Please find below the current services we can offer:

Packaging - personalised printing of brand carton and size formats.

Fruit - Variety selection by calendar availability.

Fruit Grading - we offer selection for size, weight, count, color, firmness and sweetness.

Ripening – We offer ready to eat product expertly managed and ripened in our own facilities.

Shipping – we have road, sea and air freight logistical options and our own in house team to manage your requirements.

We have a packing ability of more than 300 tons per day. We have 350 employees, who speak 7 different languages, who originate from 9 different countries and we are an equal opportunities employer. Our yearly volume is ~ 43000 tons (2021): 18000 tons of mango, 6500 tons of pomegranates, 18500 tons of Orri mandarin.

As a key exporter we also own a significant volume of the land we farm, this added advantage allows us to prioritise your needs and to give stable continuous availability, which is especially important when supply volume is restricted in the market place.

פריחה רימון-01.jpg

Shoham is not just a packing and marketing organization, we are responsible for the growing of the fruit from the moment the seed is planted or grafted until the moment the fruit arrives to our customers.

We also instruct and work with partner growers who also operate to the same Shoham standards and quality management systems. These partnerships allow us to offer increased availability and extend our calendars of supply. This level of control in our supply chain ensures all our fruit meets strict pesticide MRL standards where application is needed. All our fruit is packed through our own modern packing facility.

Meet Our Team


Menachem Shoham



Miriam Shoham

Owner & Finance Manager


Guy Shoham



Yael Ziv Abargil

Sales Director | N. America - UK - Fr


Moshe Naftali

Sales Director EMEA

נעמה קינן

Naama Keinan

Sales Director EMEA


Shira Cohen Golan

Logistics Coordinator


Dina Volneikin

Logistics coordinator


Rena Russo

QA Management


Gal Lev Ari

Payroll Accountant


Nada Ganem

Marketing & Packing coordinator


Denis Hananayev

Operations Manager


Noa Ben Gera

HR Manager


Ella Harduf

HR coordinator


Valeri Manshirov

Local Marketing

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