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For the health of us all, the well-being of our

employees and environmental protection.

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Shoham's Ethical Code & Vision

The Shoham organization accepts and acknowledges responsibility for each and every one of our employees and cooperating farmers as individuals and recognizes their attributes with merited respect. We instill a feeling and sense of security for the employees at their workplace. The employees’ earnings must be just and fair and the work area sanitary, secure and orderly. Our commitment towards our employees and farmers includes aiding and assisting in fulfilling their obligations towards their families.

Employees and farmers should feel as a free, active and participating partner. It is vital to our operation that the employees suggest improvements as well as complain when the situation deems necessary, without fear or remorse.

The Shoham Organization lives in symbiosis within its surrounding community and regards itself as belonging and responsible to this community. The organization develops and encourages proper citizenship, is a participating contributor towards charitable funds and meets all its tax obligations and payments. We educate and encourage our contacts to love and to protect the immediate area and are duty bound to guard our natural resources. The organization initiates use of state of the art technological systems and by implementing we will enhance quality control.

The Shoham Organization functions within an atmosphere of compassion, optimism, joy, hope and financial strength.

The business should generate good profits and also prepare for “cloudy days”. We have to try new ideas, to continue with research, to develop new plans as well as to pay for mistakes. We purchase advanced and efficient equipment, build improved devices and market products that are novel and appealing. We should always be the leaders in our industry and in the markets in which we are active. We see our growers, suppliers, and clients as partners in our vision and welcome feedback from all our business associates.


Each one of us will function willingly:

Always to perform to their best capability and efficiency.

To take initiative, responsibility and calculated risk.

To adapt to changes.

To make decisions.

To work as a team with full cooperation.

To be open, especially concerning information about problems; either existing or expected.

To trust and to be worthy of trust.

To respect the other and oneself.

To accept responsibility for ones’ deeds.

To judge, to be judged, to compensate and to give compensation on the base of his and our activities.


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