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Orri Mandarin

Orri is the best easy peeler Mandarin.
Orri mandarins are botanically a hybrid that was created from budwood of the Orah mandarin in Israel. Orri tangerines are a late-season variety that was created to have a long shelf life and have resilient skin that makes them suitable to survive transportation globally. Orri tangerines are one of the most popular mandarin varieties in Asia and are favoured for their easy-to-peel, seedless nature, and balanced acidity and sweetness. It offers a burst of aromatic blends when eaten, which gives it a distinct delicious taste. It’s very durable and gives an organoleptic uplifting sensory experience that you will want to taste time and again.
Main characteristics
Citrus lovers can’t get enough of the perfectly sweet balance Every segment in its own right is mouth-watering, refreshing and energising Its protective peel hugs the fruit but can be peeled easily in seconds. It has a rich orange color which sets Orri apart from other citrus peelers. Orri is virtually seedless – with zero to only a few seeds.
The Orri has a very long season – and is available from January to May. Our meticulous cool chain allows us to harvest and store the fruit in optimum condition; it is with these controls we can provide you with a very consistent quality upon arrival.
We handle the whole process from growing to marketing and delivery to the customer – this again allows us to offer various size and packaging formats as per your requirements.
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Main Packaging

& Box Weight

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& Availability

​W 1-20


Size in mm

Cal 4


Cal 3


Cal 2


Cal 1



Size in mm

Cal 1X


Cal 1XX


Cal 1XXX


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Orri is the perfect easy peeler! The taste is great, it is very easy to peel.

The Orri is very strong and consistent – when you eat an Orri it is always a pleasure!



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Shoham will work with

18,500 Tons of Orri annually

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Shelf Live.

Keep it at 2C°   |   10 Days after arrival

Travel Time.

Up to 30 days

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