Miriam Shoham LTD is an organization that handles the whole process chain (growing, picking, packing & marketing) of 4 fruits:

Mango - July to September

Pomegranates - August to February

Orri Mandarin - January to May

Avocado – September to April (green skin and Hass).


Miriam Shoham LTD was established in 1984 by Miriam and Menachem Shoham.

The company started as a family agriculture farm (growing mainly bananas and grapes).

Since the day of establishment, the company is expanding and moving forward. Menachem was one of the first people who recognized the great potential in mango growing in Israel and specially in the sea of Galilee area. He decided to convert most of his plots to mango, and since then continues to expand his orchards.

Alongside with mango growing we invest in building a state-of-the-art packing house.

We expanded our field of expertise to pomegranates and Orri mandarins, and in the last few years we started our avocado business in addition to our first 3 items.

Since the day of establishment, we are pushing for constant growth: We have 4 process halls, with state-of-the-art sorting machines, these days we are building the 5th one.

Packing capacity of more than 250 tons per day. We have 350 employees (85% women!), our employees speak 7 different languages, and come from 9 different countries.

Our yearly volume is ~ 44000 tons (2020): 18000 tons of mango, 6500 tons of pomegranates, 18500 tons of Orri mandarin, 1000 tons of avocado.

60% to 70% of our fruit is exported, which makes us the largest mango and pomegranates exporter in Israel. We are our own biggest grower and we grow 40-50% of what we process. We export our fruit to 4 different continents. We work with some of the major supermarket chains in world.

Menachem Shoham


Miriam Shoham

Owner & Finance Manager

Guy Shoham


Shlomit Shoham

Logistic Coordinator

Eylon Oren


Aviv Avrahmzon


Rena Russo

QA Management

Shirel Slapak

Logistic Coordinator

Noa Ben Gera

HR Manager

Ella Harduf

HR coordinator



Shirel Slapak

Logistic Coordinator

Denis Hananayev

Operations Manager

Valeri Manshirov

Local Marketing

Nada Ganem

Marketing & Packing coordinator

Gal Lev Ari

 Payroll Accountant

The Shoham organization accepts and acknowledges responsibility for each and every one of our employees and cooperating farmers as individuals and recognizes their attributes with merited respect. We instill a feeling and sense of security for the employees at their workplace. The employees’ earnings must be just and fair and the work area sanitary, secure and orderly. Our commitment towards our employees and farmers includes aiding and assisting in fulfilling their obligations towards their families.

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