Miriam Shoham LTD was established in 1984 by Miriam and Menachem Shoham.

The company started as a family agriculture farm and since then has grown into an organization that handles the whole process chain (growing, picking, packing & marketing) of 4 fruits:

Mango - July to September

Pomegranates - August to February

Orri Mandarin - January to May

Avocado – September to April (green skin and Hass).


Shoham invests extensively towards ensuring the quality of its products and in developing new products and product categories as it addresses clients’ needs, with a focus on marketing networks and stable specializations in premium markets. Our goal is to directly reach end clients, which provides them with an advantage over their competitors. This in turn allows our end clients an opportunity to access new targets, preserve existing target populations, and at the end of the day, expand the consumption of Shoham products. 

Shoham’s clients enjoy high level customization of our products to their preferences and requirements, full cooperation in creatively planning new products, availability, stable and uniform supply, and full confidence in Shoham products, manifesting in fruit cleaned of all pesticide residue as required. The produce reaches the client within the agreed time frame and in accordance with specifications (taste, color, uniformity, hardness, and free of internal problematics). When buying Shoham products, clients know they’ve ensured themselves an advantage over their competitors.


Achieving these capabilities is made possible through Shohams’ ongoing investments in research, and in developing and executing enhancement processes for post-harvest fruit. The key to growth and creating competitive advantage derives from research, the resultant knowledge, and the development and implementation of industrial production processes that improve the quality of post-harvest fruit.


We have a Packing ability of more than 250 tons per day. We have 350 employees (85% women!), our employees speak 7 different languages, and come from 9 different countries.


Our yearly volume is ~ 44000 tons (2020): 18000 tons of mango, 6500 tons of pomegranates, 18500 tons of Orri mandarin, 1000 tons of avocado.

60% to 70% of our fruit is exported, which makes us the largest mango and pomegranates exporter in Israel. We are our own biggest grower and we grow 40-50% of what we process.



Shoham fruit is marketed in the UK, EU, Russia, USA, Canada, and the Far East.

The Shoham organization accepts and acknowledges responsibility for each and every one of our employees and cooperating farmers as individuals and recognizes their attributes with merited respect. We instill a feeling and sense of security for the employees at their workplace. The employees’ earnings must be just and fair and the work area sanitary, secure and orderly. Our commitment towards our employees and farmers includes aiding and assisting in fulfilling their obligations towards their families.

Noa Ben Gera

HR Manager

Ella Harduf

HR coordinator

Itsik Nissimov

Procurement and IT Manager

Denis Hananayev

Operations Manager

Valeri Manshirov

Local Marketing

Nada Ganem

Marketing & Packing coordinator

Gal Lev Ari

 Payroll Accountant

Eylon Oren


Aviv Avrahmzon


Rena Russo

QA Management

Shirel Slapak

Logistic Coordinator

Menachem Shoham


Miriam Shoham

Owner & Finance Manager

Guy Shoham


Shlomit Shoham

Logistic Coordinator


Teamwork makes the dream work

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